Painter 2020 Compatible Brushes

I had a question about which of this month’s brushes are compatible with Painter 2020. Below is a list of what you can download from the Brushes folder on my Dropbox.

The new and updated brushes are listed here for reference:


  • Radial Lines (Effects) – Creates lines that radiate from the center. Change colors with a Gradient or other type of “Source” in the General Panel.
  • Oily Bleed (Oily) – A blender that makes paint runny.
  • Oily Forest (Oily) – An oily brush that makes distant hills with trees. Utilize “Paper Grain” to change the shape of the edge.
  • Wet Break (Thick Paint) – Requires you to paint on top of Thick Paint. Gives you a dry paint-break effect.
  • TP Blender Wet Edge (Thick Paint) – A blender that creates a wet-looking edge.
  • TP Blender Knife (Thick Paint) – A smudgy blender with a palette knife shape.
  • Thick Texturizer (Thick Paint) – Requires Visible Depth. Useful for adding texture to Thick Paint.
  • Thick Random Dabs (Thick Paint) – Creates a multitude of random dabs for an impressionist effect.
  • Marbled Paint (Thick Paint) – Utilizes “Clone Tinting” to deposit paint with varied color. Change “Clone Source” for more effects.
  • Wet Replace Knife AR (Watercolor) – Use heavy pressure to deposit paint and light pressure to remove it. Dab can be rotated with Wacom Art Pen.
  • Wet Splatter CT (Watercolor) –  Utilizes “Clone Tinting” to deposit watercolor with varied color. Change “Clone Source” for more effects. 


These updates were mostly to make the brushes compatible with Thick Paint, but I also made a few performance tweaks here and there. You can use the “Brush Compatibility Icons” to see which brushes are Thick Paint-Compatible.

  • Rendering:
    • Sponge G –  Added Opacity Pressure Expression
    • Pepper Spray – Added Clone Tinting to vary value of speckles
  • Blenders
    • Coarse Oily Blender
    • Coarse Oily Blender Speckle
    • Coarse Smear Blender Jitter
    • Drip Pores
    • Fingerprint Blender
    • Grainy Blender
    • Grainy Speckle Drip Smear
    • Greasy Blender
    • Just Add Water
    • Oily Blender
    • Smooth Knife Blender
    • Speckle Diffuse Blender
    • Speckle Drip Smear
  • Effects
    • Iridescent
    • Paint Bubbles
  • Nature
    • Foliage Chalk
    • Tree Trunks Grainy
    • Waterline
  • Oily
    • Fingerprint
    • Oily Blobs
    • Oily Clouds
    • Oily Dab Knife
    • Oily Foliage
    • Oily Fractal
    • Oily Pastel
    • Rocky Oil
    • Runny Drip
  • Palette Knives
    • Grainy Angled Palette Knife – Tweaked angle properties
    • Size Velocity Knife
    • Smooth Palette Knife AR
    • Streaky Dab Knife
    • Texture Knife

Other Changes:

  • Merged ‘Mixer’ & ‘Swatch Options’ into a single palette.
  • Added a ‘Convert to Thick Paint Layer’ command to ‘Layer Shortcuts’ palette.
  • Added ‘Image Hose’ and ‘Particles’ panels to ‘Brushes and Media’ shortcuts.
  • Updated BOX Files for Blenders, Oily, Thick Paint, Palette Knives, Rendering, Effects, Watercolor, Nature, Layer Shortcuts, Mixer + Swatch Options, Shortcuts.
  • Added some space to the right side of custom palettes to make them easier to expand vertically. Drag from the bottom-right corner to expand.

You will want to run the new Brush Accelerator after importing my workspace:

Please note that the files on my Dropbox have been updated with Painter 2021 content. If you’d like to access the Painter 2020 version of my workspace and brushes, those have been archived in the Workspace folder on my Dropbox. I will no longer be updating my 2020 workspace file, but I will still be offering the individual brushes and BOX files so you can continue to update your 2020 workspace.  “Thick Paint-Compatible” brushes will not be compatible with Painter 2020 and older, but many other brush types I release will.

Most of the new brushes should work, just not those with “Clone Tinting” in the description.

The only updated brushes that will be compatible with 2020 are:

  • Grainy Angled Palette Knife – Tweaked angle properties
  • Sponge G –  Added Opacity Pressure Expression
  • Pepper Spray – Added Clone Tinting to vary value of speckles

You won’t need to download any of the “Thick-Paint compatible” brushes because they won’t work with Painter 2020.

Any new brushes I create will be compatible with Painter 2020 and some older versions, as long as they are not using “Thick Paint Compatible” or “Clone Tinting”.

I hope this helps!