Business Inquiries

Please read the FAQ below before contacting me with a business proposal.


What kind of products does Aaron review?

My channel is digital artist-focused, so I’m happy to consider any physical or digital products that can be used to create, promote or distribute digital art.

I do not review products outside of that category, so if you have towels, antennas, or any other random junk you want me to promote, forget it.

Can I send Aaron your product for free in exchange for a free review or mention?

In most cases, NO. If you want to discuss paid promotion, you can check out my Media Kit.

I will make exceptions for cars, helicopters and yachts. 🚁

Can I request a positive or 5 star review from Aaron?

Don’t you dare. If I review your product I will do so objectively while listing pros and cons. All reviews are unconditional.

Can I just introduce Aaron to my product?

If you’re just trying to promote your product to me in hopes of some free promotion, then you need to find a different strategy. Yeah, I’m talking to you, buddy.

Otherwise, if you have a digital art-related product that you think I should know about, feel free to share it with me.

Will Aaron join my affiliate program or take commissions as compensation?

Only if you join mine first… Actually, no.

OK, can I contact Aaron already?

Now that I’ve filtered out all of the Antenna Salesmen, if you have a digital art-related product or opportunity you’d like to discuss with me, please review my Media Kit and then email me.

If I don’t reply within a reasonable amount of time, just assume I am not interested in your offer. Please do not send multiple follow-ups.