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Aaron Rutten

Digital Artist & Content Creator

It’s my mission to help artists enjoy digital art
and learn some new skills along the way.

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What kind of sponsored content does Aaron produce?

While I could be considered a “Social Media Influencer”, my reputation has been built on being an artist. I’m not here to sell products, I’m here to offer value to other artists and creatives.

My channels are creativity-focused, so I’m happy to consider any physical or digital products that can benefit digital artists and other types of content creators.

I do not review products outside of that spectrum, so if you have towels, antennas, or any other random stuff you want me to promote, forget about it.

Can I send Aaron a product for free in exchange for a free review or mention?

In most cases, NO. If you want to discuss paid promotion, you can check out my Media Kit.

I will make exceptions for helicopters and yachts. 🚁

Can I request a positive or 5 star review from Aaron?

Don’t you dare.

If I review your product, I will do so objectively while listing pros and cons.
All reviews are unconditional.

Can I just introduce Aaron to my product?

If you’re just trying to promote your product to me in hopes of some free promotion, then you need to find a different strategy. (Yeah, I’m talking to you, buddy.)

Otherwise, if you have a digital art-related product that you think I should know about, feel free to share it with me.

Will Aaron join my affiliate program or take commissions as compensation?

Only if you join mine first… Actually, no.

OK, can I contact Aaron already?

Now that I’ve filtered out all of the Antenna Salesmen… If you have a sponsored content opportunity you’d like to discuss with me, please review my Media Kit and then email me.

If I don’t reply within a reasonable amount of time, just assume I am not interested in your offer. Please do not send multiple follow-ups or you might get filtered as spam.

Rates FAQ

What is the difference between a “Mention” and a “Dedicated Video”?

mention would be a video that passively highlights your campaign without being specifically dedicated to that campaign.


In the above example, the video is a primarily a tutorial and is only briefly mentioning the sponsor’s product.

dedicated video would be solely about your campaign.


In this example, the video is entirely about the sponsor’s product.

What is the difference between “Exclusive” and “Non-exclusive”?

An “Exclusive” promotion means I would agree to not post any sponsored videos from competitor brands for a specified time period.

What is a “Community Post”?

It is a social media-style post on the YouTube platform that can consist of text, links, images or animated GIFs.


Which of Aaron’s channels will my campaign be featured on?

While my primary channel offers the largest audience, my other two channels are more-narrowly-targeting smaller, specific demographics: Corel Painter and Content Creators.

You can choose whichever audience suits your campaign best.

Are Aaron’s rates negotiable?

It depends on the campaign. (I’m more likely to consider it if you save us both time and just make me an offer up front.)

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