May 2022 Photoshop Brushes

A new set of (5) Photoshop brushes are now available for download. The theme for these brushes is Bristles.  Demo Video Sadly, none of the brushes in this pack are compatible with Adobe Fresco because Fresco does not yet fully support all of Photoshop’s properties. You’ll need the monthly password to access the page: PatreonContinue reading “May 2022 Photoshop Brushes”

Bonus Video: Mountain A.I. Landscape

Watch me paint a mountain landscape using Corel Painter 2022 and a reference image I generated with the Landscape Mixer Neural Filter in Photoshop CC 2022. You’ll need the monthly password to access the page: Patreon Password | YouTube (Main Channel) | YouTube (Painter Channel) | Gumroad Password Become a Member

Corel Painter 2022 Workspace Update (Feb 2022)

I have made a small update to my Corel Painter 2022 workspace. The changes are listed below: NEW WORKSPACE BRUSHES: IMAGE HOSE Linear Size-P Angle-B Linear Size-P Angle-B Color Use these with an Image Hose Nozzle to angle the nozzle using Pen Tilt (Bearing).The “Color” version can be tinted using the Additional Color. THICK PAINTContinue reading “Corel Painter 2022 Workspace Update (Feb 2022)”