Krita Course for Beginners

Learn Krita 5 with Downloadable Video Lessons

Dive deep into digital art with Krita 5 in a video training course by Aaron Rutten.

This comprehensive video course takes you through all the essential tools and features of Krita 5, while also teaching you fundamental illustration skills.

Learn digital painting tricks and techniques from Aaron’s years of experience.

Suitable for all skill levels, this course is designed to give you a deep understanding of Krita’s interface and tools, leaving you more confident in your digital painting abilities.

Available for download to watch at your convenience.


Krita 5 Course Sample Lesson
Skill Level: Everyone
Compatibility: Windows & Mac
Course Duration: 3 Hours (19 Videos)
Version: Krita 5.2 and later
Video Quality: 1440p & 1080p
Resource Files: Custom Content & Brushes, Templates, Transcript and more
Access: Download or Stream

Krita Course Sample Lessons

These sample videos will give you an idea of the quality this course offers.

Getting Started with Krita 5
Basics of Brushes
Color Selector, Undo, Erasing, Sampling, Saving
How to Make Custom Brushes
My Essential Brushes

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