New Content: July 2023

MEMBERS: New content is now available for you:

1. I have updated my collection of Rebelle brushes on Dropbox.

There are a couple of new brushes in the Nature category, but mostly this update just relates to the brush cursor. As you can see in the video above, the cursor can now be customized for each brush. By showing the brush shape, you can more easily predict the shape it will make.

Updating Rebelle to 6.1.8 is required for this change to take effect.

You can find these brushes in the Members Area via the links.

2. Here’s a sneak peek at a work-in-progress I have been working on. (Scroll through the slides.)

This is a concept painting of the Edmonds Marsh, which is hosting an art competition in July to raise awareness for their wildlife habitat restoration efforts.

The painting isn’t finished, but I think it’s pretty close. I’ll share the final version when it’s ready.

I’ve recorded the process, but it’s long, so I’ll need some time to turn it into a finished video.

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