Corel Painter 2021 Workspace + New Brushes

My Painter 2021 workspace is now available for download. Other than some new brushes and a few minor changes, everything is about the same. Updates are listed below. NEW WORKSPACE BRUSHES: Radial Lines (Effects) – Creates lines that radiate from the center. Change colors with a Gradient or other type of “Source” in the GeneralContinue reading “Corel Painter 2021 Workspace + New Brushes”

Painter 2020 Stream Deck Profile

If you own a Stream Deck, you might find this profile handy. I’ve programmed it with some of the commands I find most useful. All you need to do is import the profile (attached below) to automatically add these commands to your Stream Deck. Demo Video : Compatible with the standard 15 key Stream Deck.Continue reading “Painter 2020 Stream Deck Profile”

Template for Custom Corel Painter Icons

Attached to the bottom of this post is a template file I created to assist you in creating custom icons for your custom shortcuts in Corel Painter. I have also added this file to my Dropbox in the Templates folder. So if you’ve installed my other template files, this one can be imported if youContinue reading “Template for Custom Corel Painter Icons”

Universal Gamut Masking Tool for Digital Artists

Color Gamut Masking is a great way to enhance your digital or traditional art. You can do this in several ways: By adding a certain  mood or atmosphere to your digital or traditional art, or through  simplifying the color selection process by limiting your palette. Gamut Masking can also help you to create augmented colorContinue reading “Universal Gamut Masking Tool for Digital Artists”