Rebelle Brushes

Download custom brushes for Rebelle that you can use in your digital art. Files are hosted on my Dropbox.

  • In order to access the download page for these brushes, you must maintain your membership. Password changes monthly on the 1st.
  • Drag and drop into Rebelle to install these brushes.

custom oil brushes for rebelle 4

Dropbox Link
(Use monthly Password)

3 thoughts on “Rebelle Brushes

  1. Hey Aaron, Hope your having the best of holidays!

    Can you please enlighten me on how to load the Masking Fluid Brushes in Rebelle and where and when they show up.

    All best,

  2. Being new to Rebelle I was doing it by the book and using “Import Assets” but it had no effect. I found out pretty quick this was true of all brushes I tried to load. So after a bit of research I opted for the brute force approach of copying the files into the Rebelle library in ApplicationSupport.
    This still leaves me wondering if the Masking brushes are for Watercolor or Oil, or possibly both.