Workspace Mod for Cloning

One of my new Patrons, Brian, had a great question about modifying my Painter 2019 workspace for cloning. Here is an example of how you could easily modify the workspace to suit a photo art workflow:

1. Hide the Pinned Temporal Color Wheel with Ctrl+Alt+2 because it does not show the Clone Color toggle button.

2. Re-activate the default Color Wheel using the top-right sub-dialog button on the Color Palette. This does show the Clone Color toggle button.

PRO TIP: You can activate Clone Color to make just about any brush into a clone brush. If the icon is grayed out, that means cloning is not active. If the icon is colored, then the selected brush will function as a cloner.

3. Go to Window > Palette Drawers > Photo Art. This shows all of the relevant panels for Cloning. You can leave this open in your workspace if you like. Please note that the Underpainting panel is also useful for cloning, but I have grouped it in my Color & Layers palette drawer.

4. You may also want to make your own custom palette of clone brushes. You can hold Shift and drag brushes into and out of custom palettes.