"Aaron’s deep knowledge of Corel Painter, coupled with his considerable gifts as both an artist and a teacher, were invaluable to me. Digital art was something very alien to me, and I was initially somewhat wary of it —  but the path of discovery that Aaron helped put me on has reinvigorated my creative impulses, and made me a true believer in this medium."


- Gary Larson, Cartoonist - www.thefarside.com



"Aaron is an incredible artist, teacher, videographer, illustrator being remarkably creative as well as artistic. In addition is a fine person, honest, altruistic, and pleasant to to work with. Aaron earns my highest endorsement."


- Dr. Lynn Staheli, MD -  www.pedorthoacademy.org



“I highly recommend Aaron, he is very skilled and so easy to work with. I will continue to use him for years to come. I wish everyone was this easy to work with my life would be so much smoother.... HIRE HIM HE'S GREAT!!”


- Eladio Preciado, Owner of Julia's Restaurants - www.juliasrestaurantseattle.com



"I'm a Houston-based artist but I spend much of my time overseas as a military contractor. I have always been an artist but have had no formal training. I purchased a Wacom Cintiqu 21x a few years ago on a whim and had to read the instructions on how to turn it on. I had no idea how to use Corel or any other digital art program.

In the last 3 years I have trained almost exclusively from your YouTube posts. I have been able to take my artwork to the next level and I now have a growing art business. Your tutorials are so easy to follow and I like it that you provide step by step instructions. I have even sent you private messages a few times and you always respond, no matter how silly the question. The training you have made available to all of us can't be found anywhere else. Any digital artist that is not utilizing your FREE videos and advice must be crazy. Thanks again for everything you do."

- John Quigley - www.facebook.com/QuigleyDesigns



"I have taken several classes from Aaron, as well as watched his You Tube videos.  We have also done in-person instruction.  Aaron is a really great teacher of not just digital art, but art.  I thought I couldn’t draw realistically.  But after taking Aaron’s Landscape class, I can!  I never could have learned to use Painter were it not for Aaron.  Thank you, Aaron, you’re the best!"

- Kerry Mitchell, Artist - http://kerrycmitchell.com



“Aaron does first rate work - beautiful AND fast! Additionally, he worked with myself and my manager in such an easy and prompt manner - he made it a total joy to work with him. We now have beautiful dynamic web banners. I would recommend both Aaron and his work to anyone!”


- Jeannie Deva, Voice Instructor - www.jeanniedeva.com



"I have been working with Aaron for over a year to produce illustrations for a medical book on the foot. Aaron has a remarkable ability to rapidly grasp the most complicated three dimensional anatomical concepts and produce images that intuitively and simply tell the story."


- Dr. Shafique Pirani



“My first design lesson with the talented (and patient) Aaron Rutten was exactly what I hoped it would be. Fun, stimulating, and very informative!


Having only chatted with Aaron prior to our meeting, I was impressed and intrigued by his artistic eye, and dedication to his craft. Not to mention his good business sense and "no BS" approach to design. These were the attributes I was hoping to learn from him during our first session, on top of the tricks to using Adobe Photoshop efficiently.


Three and a half hours after we started, we had covered not only the basics of Photoshop, but also everything from composition, to audience perception of individual design attributes. Aaron guided my hand in creating a sleek and well laid out poster for a series of charity concerts. He not only offered his expertise and suggestions, but openly listened to my ideas as well.


In short, a lesson with Aaron Rutten will always be more than what you pay for. He's a charming and straight forward artist with a wealth of knowledge and skills at your disposal, so take full advantage of what he has to offer.”


- Moe Abbott, Graphic Design Student - www.facebook.com/MoeDesignz



“Aaron has the ability to take a basic idea and turn it into a masterpiece. He is a pleasure to work with and his work is of the highest quality. There is no greater expression of freedom than art. Working with Aaron to bring ideas to fruition has helped to fulfill a deep desire to express this freedom. Thank you.”


- Douglas A. Earwig



“To Whom It May Concern:


We have used Aaron's services several times and are always thrilled with the work he provides us. He has always gone above and beyond on every job to make sure we are satisfied and that his work is exceptional. His attention to detail, follow through, creativity, and promptness are greatly valued by us. As small business owners, Aaron provides us with graphic design work that allows our marketing materials to out shine even some of our larger competitors. We have used his services for our website design, logo and flyers. He is an asset to our business and we will continue to use his service as well as recommend his work to friends and colleagues alike.




- Nick & Amber McDanel, Phoenix Heating & Air Conditioning




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