October Photoshop Brushes

photoshop blenders download 1

(4) new Photoshop & Fresco brushes are now available for download. The theme for these brushes is Blenders.  Demo Video

  • Abrasive Blender – Creates a textured blend that lifts paint from the canvas. 



  • Bristly Blender – Blends with a bristly-looking stroke 



  • Round Foliage Blender –  Creates a blend that works well for painting foliage.



  • Sharp Foliage Blender – A foliage blender with a different shape. Also works well for clouds.





  • Soft Diffuse



  • Fur Blender



  • Wet Oily Blender



Three of these brushes were already released in a previous month, but I have migrated them to this Brush Pack for convenience. Those will be included in the October download.



Adobe Fresco should now be able to run on most Windows 10 computers. It works on my desktop. Blenders/mixer brushes are now supported in Fresco, so if you own any of my older brushes that were not previously compatible with Fresco, they should be working now.


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