Frozen Winter Stream – Corel Painter 2022 Course

In this Corel Painter 2022 course, you’ll learn how to paint a Winter scene with an icy stream that cuts through a field of dry, frost-covered grass surrounded by trees.

What’s unique about this course is that you’ll be choosing colors from a Color Gamut Mask and painting with a variety of new semi-impressionistic techniques.

This course features video lessons that you can download to your computer and watch any time. There is no time limit to complete this course and you can work at your own pace.

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Frozen Winter Stream (Trailer)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Compatibility: Windows & Mac
Course Length: 2 Hours
Video Quality: 1440p & 1080p
Resource Files: Workspace, Brushes, Template, Color Gamut Mask, Layered Artwork and more
Access: Download or Stream

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