My Patreon community is a place where artists like you can support my work and shape the content I create. Funding from my Patrons has enabled me to dedicate more time to creating digital art resources and I've been able to greatly improve the quality of my content by purchasing better equipment. Thanks, Patrons!


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Rewards are special perks not available to the general public. If you are a Patron, you can immediately access reward content by visiting the Posts tab on my Patreon page. On the Posts tab, there is a Filter menu you can use to search for specific reward content. Below are descriptions of each reward tier and links to access the rewards offered.


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APPRENTICE - $2 or more per month


🗎 Instantly download my Digital Art Color Guide PDF that will teach you all about color theory and how to choose colors for your art.


🗳️ Influence my Channel

Occasionally, I post polls on Patreon that you can participate in to help shape the content I create.


🤝🏼 Connect with Other Digital Artists

Comment on art and share your work in a private community of artists from around the world. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and skill-levels. Our community is a positive place to share and receive kind feedback.


👀 Access to Patrons-only posts

I use the Posts tab of my Patreon page to share news, updates and information that is not available to the general public.


Pledge $2


ARTIST - $5 or more per month


📹 Ad-Free Access To My New Videos

Get early exclusive access to my new videos before they are public on YouTube. You can watch these new videos without annoying YouTube ads during the time they are available on Patreon.


🏋️‍♀️ Group Art Challenges

Participate in a monthly art challenge that will encourage you to try new things and can help you to improve your skills as an artist. You have the option of having your artwork featured in a YouTube video at the end of each challenge.


🌲 Instantly access the Premium version of my 5 hour Landscape Painting Crash Course for FREE!


🗎 Instantly download my Mandalas Digital Coloring Book PDF with 20 unique mandalas you can color with digital or traditional tools.


❔ Question & Comment Priority

Your questions and comments get priority over the dozens of messages I received daily. I do ask that you search my YouTube channel first to see if your question has already been answered. I also have a table of contents that makes it easier to find specific kinds of videos.


🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $2 reward tier above.


Pledge $5


VIP (Very Important Painter) - $10 or more per month


🖌️ New Brushes Each Month

Get access to my Corel Painter workspace with new brushes added each month. You can download the entire workspace file, or you have the option of installing individual brushes and content into your own workspace. Here's a preview of the brush download page.


💲 Discounts

Save up to 50-75% off select training courses and products with special coupons for Patrons-only.


🐌 Longer Videos

Watch extended versions of select videos, many have additional narration. Some videos are even in real-time.


🖼️ Hi-res Artwork & Layered Files

Download select hi-res images of my work and access layered files to explore my artwork in greater detail.


🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $2 & $5 reward tiers above.


Pledge $10


Wildcard - $15 or more per month




This is a WILDCARD reward tier that changes each month. The reward offered for this tier will be decided by popular vote on YouTube and Patreon. Each month, I will ask for suggestions for rewards, These suggestions will be voted on in a poll and the most popular reward will be fulfilled during the next month.


You can access the current month's reward at any time during that month.


🌵 Plus you'll get access to ALL of the rewards in the $2, $5, & $10 reward tiers above.


Pledge $15



MUSE - $25 or more per month



❤️ Inspire Me to Make New Brushes

I will release 1 new Corel Painter brush for every Patron who pledges $25/month. For example, if 5 people pledge $25, I will create 5 brushes for that month. These brushes will not be available to the general public. You can download the brushes here.


🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $2, $5, $10 & $15 reward tiers above.


Pledge $25


PHILANTHROPIST - $35 or more per month



📚 Sponsor Captions & Translations - Captions not only make my videos easier to follow, they also make my videos more accessible to artists by enabling auto-translation into other languages. Watch playlist of captioned videos.


  • For each $35 pledge, I will have 15 minutes of video captioned every month. That means your pledge will help to caption 1 to 5 videos every month.

  • You'll have the option of having your name featured as a credit in the description of each video your funding helps to caption. Artists around the world will appreciate your generosity and you'll get your name out there.

  • You'll get to enjoy my videos with captions and auto-translations.

  • You'll get to give input on which videos get captioned through suggestions and polls.

  • 🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $2, $5, $10 & $15 reward tiers above


Pledge $35


ICON - $45 or more per month



You'll get exclusive access to a monthly art process video in which I will answer the art-related questions you've sent to me. You'll have the option of having your name featured in the video.

🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $2, $5, $10 & $15 reward tiers above


Pledge $45


Rewards are subject to change at my discretion. You'll be updated about any major changes and you always have the option of changing or canceling your pledge. Please do not share any of the Patrons-only content outside of Patreon.


If anything is still unclear about Patreon and the rewards offered, please do not hesitate to send me a message on Patreon or contact me at



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