Corel Painter 2023 Workspace + New Brushes

UPDATED July 1, 2022

My Painter 2023 workspace is now available for download. I have added some new brushes and tweaked the layout a bit.

Brushes that do not use the Enhanced Cover “Method” were not changed: (Image Hose, Watercolor, Liquid Ink, Thick Paint, Drip,  etc.)

Please note that this workspace is only updated semi-yearly. You will be getting 2 new brushes and 54 updated brushes with this release. You probably won’t see another batch of brushes added to this workspace until late 2022 or early 2023.

Download Instructions & Link:

You will need to re-run the Brush Accelerator after importing my workspace:


Unless otherwise noted, these brushes have been updated from the “Cover” Method to “Enhanced Cover” and Fluid Paint properties have been applied.

The benefits of Fluid Paint with Enhanced Cover are:

  • Enhanced Opacity control
  • Fewer overlapping stroke and dab artifacts
  • Smoother blending
  • Faster performance with compatible GPU
  • Stronger Grain at high opacities and finer Grain expression
  • No opacity buildup at lowest pen pressure. (Benefits Glazing and Dry Media brushes)
  • Some brushes can utilize Paint Layering
  • Optimized for CPU & GPU
    • Chalk AR (Formerly Glazing Chalk)
    • Detail Oils AR
    • Digital Airbrush AR
    • Flat Captured
    • Flow Map Sponge (Formerly Stencil Flow Map Sponge)
    • Glow Brush AR
    • Grainy Airbrush AR
    • Jitter Airbrush AR
    • Messy Dab AR
    • Pixel Spray AR
    • Random Chalk
    • Sketching Pencil AR
    • Sponge AR (Formerly Sponge G)
    • Digital Airbrush G2 (Redundant)
    • Flat Grainy Texture
    • Messy Dab Impasto
    • Smashed Bristles

    • Bristly Blender
    • Just Add Water AR
    • Smooth Knife Blender
    • Triple Knife Impasto Blender
    • Wet Dry Blender
  • NEW:
    • Blocky Blender

    • Glow Knife
    • Grainy Angled Palette Knife
    • Mountain Knife
    • Rough Glazing Knife
    • Size Velocity Knife
    • Smooth Dab Knife
    • Smooth Dab Knife Impasto
    • Smooth Palette Knife
    • Speckle Impasto Knife
    • Streaky Dab Knife
    • Texture Knife AR
    • Water Knife
  • NEW:
    • Scumble Knife
    • Angled Palette Knife (Redundant)
    • Impressionist AR
    • Flat Charcoal
    • Grainy Charcoal AR
    • Hard Charcoal AR
    • Medium Charcoal AR
    • Rake Chalk
    • Smudgy Charcoal
    • Soft Charcoal AR
    • Soft Round Charcoal
    • Worn Pencil
    • Dab Texture Airbrush
    • Glazing Dab Speckles
    • Grainy Flow Glazing
    • Grainy Rendering
    • Scaly Brush
    • Speckle Sponge Impasto
    • Fluffy Cloud
    • Foliage Chalk
    • Pebbles
    • Tree Trunks Grainy
    • Wispy Cloud
  • OILY
    • Oily Dry Bristles
    • Oily Wet Bristles
    • Short Round


  • Added Navigator, Mixer + Swatches Shortcuts & Course Palette to “Extras” Palette Drawer.
  • Docked “Brush Sizes” Palette with Brushes.


Please note that the files on my Dropbox have been updated with Painter 2023 content. If you’d like to access the Painter 2022 version of my workspace and brushes, those have been archived in the Workspace folder on my Dropbox.

I will no longer be updating my 2022 workspace, but I will still be offering the individual brushes and BOX files so you can import whatever is compatible with your version.

“Fluid Paint” brushes will not be compatible with Painter 2022 and older.

It is possible that I may release more brushes that are compatible with Painter 2022 and older, but much of the content I create will be for Painter 2023.

The optional Brush Packs I release (not included in the workspace) are compatible with Painter 2022, so check those out if you are mostly interested in new brushes.