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Updated for Painter 2018 - Last Update 2-1-2018

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40+ NEW or Updated Corel Painter 2018 Brushes!


Includes Custom Brushes used in my videos

50+ Custom Image Hose Nozzle Brushes


30+ Custom Particle Brush Variants


Custom Shortcut Panels


Custom Keyboard Shortcuts


Extra Papers


Standard Size Canvas Presets





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The content below is what you'll get access to with my custom workspace. Each brush is downloadable. You can also download the entire Brush Category or Custom Palette BOX files. Many of these brushes are compatible with older versions of Painter (2017, 2016, 2015, X3, 12). Not compatible with Painter Essentials version.


Search for a brush with Ctrl+F (Command+F Mac)

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Image Hose Nozzles

How to Install Image Hose Nozzles

How to Add Color to Image Hose Nozzles

Image Hose Nozzle Tutorials [Full Playlist]


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