Corel Painter Courses

Corel Painter 2017 New Features


Learn how to use the new features in Corel Painter 2017, such as the Interactive Gradient Tool, Dab Stencils, Texture Painting, Glazing and more.




Corel Painter 2018 New Features


Learn how to use the new features in

Corel Painter 2018, such as Thick Paint, Enhanced Liquid/Drip brushes, Selection Brushes, Texture Synthesis and more.




NEW! Majestic Mesa Landscape

Learn how to use Corel Painter 2018 Thick Paint to create a majestic mesa overlooking a rocky desert scene.


Pricing Options Starting at $19.99

Corel Painter Essentials 6 - Tutorial


Learn how to use 'Corel Painter Essentials 6' with this easy tutorial for absolute beginners. Corel Painter Essentials 6 is the lite version of Painter 2018.




Landscape Painting Courses

Thick Paint Mountain Landscape

Learn how to use the new Thick Paint brushes in Corel Painter 2018 to paint a snow-covered mountain reflected in a lake surrounded by trees.



Pricing Options Starting at $19.99

Foggy Seascape


Learn how to use the new Thick Paint brushes in Corel Painter 2018 to paint waves crashing against a rocky shoreline covered in pine trees that recedes into a foggy ocean.


Pricing Options Starting at $19.99

NEW - Half Dome at Yosemite in Digital Watercolor

Learn how to use Corel Painter to paint Half Dome mountain at Yosemite National Park in a Digital Watercolor style.



Pricing Options Starting at $19.99

Cabin & Mountain Landscape


Discover how to draw a log cabin in 2-point perspective, nested in a meadow overlooking a mountain covered in pine trees.




Landscape Painting Crash Course


This free Corel Painter course will teach you how to paint 4 different kinds of landscapes: Mountains, oceans, trees, clouds and more.



Advanced Landscape Painting


Learn how to master the art of creating landscapes with Corel Painter. This course features 4 different projects: Sunset Sky, Thunderstorm, Starry Desert and Jungle Waterfall.



Misty Forest Foothills


Learn how to create a landscape painting of an aerial view of a forest with misty mountains in the distance.





Still-Life & Photo-Realistic Painting

How to Draw a Fried Egg

(Painting Process Video)

A video demonstration of how to paint a photo-realistic Fried Egg using Corel Painter.




Creative Textures for Digital Artists


Learn how to create a feeling of texture in your digital art while discovering a variety of ways to make your own reusable textures in Corel Painter.




How to Draw a Snow Globe

(Painting Process Video)


A video demonstration of how to draw a photo-realistic Snow Man inside of a Snow Globe using Corel Painter.




How To Paint A Monarch Butterfly

(Tutorial Video)


Learn how to paint a spectacular monarch butterfly with this 43 minute video tutorial for Corel Painter.




Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Concept Art

Dragon VS Unicorn


A video demonstration of how to draw a Dragon fighting a Unicorn using Corel Painter.





Deep Space Nebulae


Learn how to use Corel Painter to paint 3 different kinds of nebulae on a starry deep-space background.





Abstract Art, Folk Art & Collage

Abstract Art Techniques


This course will introduce you how to create paintings in 3 of the most popular abstract techniques: Geometric Abstraction, Cubism and Fauvism.




Abstract Face & Creative Hair


Learn how to paint colorful abstract portraits and hair in a loose, spontaneous style using Corel Painter.





Surreal Digital Art Collage


Discover how to create mixed-media collages by combining photographic elements and digital paint with Corel Painter.




Portraits & Anatomy

Female Runner (Tutorial Video)


This 1 Hour Video Tutorial for Corel Painter will teach you how to draw a female runner in realistic human proportions.




Portrait Painting with Rebelle 2 Watercolor (Process Video)


Process video of a self portrait painted with Rebelle 2 digital painting software in a hybrid watercolor and gouache style.



Photoshop Training

Enhancing Digital Art With Photoshop


A course for digital artists who want to learn how to enhance their artwork and photography using the image manipulation tools in Adobe Photoshop CC.




Corel Painter for Beginners


Learn the essential skills required to master digital painting with Corel Painter. More than 500 copies of this course have been sold worldwide!



Pricing Options Starting at $49.99

Icelandic Waterfall


Learn how to use the new Thick Paint brushes in Corel Painter 2018 to create a waterfall cascading over a rocky cliff topped with lush grassy hills. -- The kind of scene you might see in Iceland.


Pricing Options Starting at $19.99

Old Barn Landscape


Learn how to paint an old weathered barn in 2-point perspective, surrounded by lush green grass and tall trees.





Aurora & Dunes: Landscape Painting with Painter 2015

Learn how to paint the Northern Lights on a starry sky overlooking evergreen trees in a snow covered field; and a warm desert with rolling sand dunes and tall palm trees.



Corel Painter Real Watercolor Basics

Discover how to use Corel Painter 'Real Watercolor' brushes to create a still-life painting of an orange.


How to Paint a Pink Asiatic Lily

(Painting Process Video)


A video demonstration of how to paint a Pink Asiatic Lily flower from life using Corel Painter.




Native American Totem Art


Learn how to paint totem art in a traditional Native American style. Students are encouraged to choose their own totem animal (or symbol) to use in their assignment.



NEW - How to Paint a Cat Portrait (Process Video)


A digital painting process video that demonstrates how to paint a portrait of a cat using Corel Painter.


Pricing Options Starting at $9.99

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