Corel Painter 2021 Webinar

Landscape Painting with Aaron Rutten

In this webinar, Corel Painter Master Aaron Rutten presents an exciting and informative landscape painting demonstration using the new Thick Paint Compatible brushes in Corel Painter 2021.

What you will learn:

  • Landscape Painting Techniques
  • How to Use Thick Paint Compatible Brushes
  • How to Use New Painter 2021 Features

Fri, Sep 25, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT

The webinar will be recorded and posted to

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Webinar Goes Live

Pledge Annually on Patreon

You can now choose to pay for Patreon on an annual basis. This will help to reduce excess transaction fees which means more of your support goes directly to me.

For existing patrons the following steps will help you switch over your pledge to annual:

  1. Log in, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, and select Manage Memberships
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Artist’s Guide to Erasing Facebook

  • Does looking at social media make you feel depressed, angry or anxious?
  • Do you equate your self-worth with how many likes you get on a post?
  • Do you feel like social media is necessary to facilitate your relationships?
  • Do you log in to social media, even though you know there is nothing new to see?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then it may be time to step back and re-evaluate your relationship with social media. This kind of behavior is not healthy, and it’s certainly not productive.

That’s why a growing movement of artists are saying NO to social media giants. These companies misuse our work, violate our privacy and profit from those who seek to manipulate society.

The time has come to kick social media to the curb. I’ll help you get started.

I erased Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I’m still thriving. You can do it too! (It’s the least we can do for the survival of our species.)


adult alone anxious black and white

I’ve heard that excuse too. (In fact I think it was me that said it.) As an artist, I get that we have to use the internet to some degree. (I’m obviously not quitting YouTube any time soon.)

Using social media to share your art is one thing, but wasting your time looking at other people’s photos and posts does nothing to advance you as an artist. I’m not saying “don’t use social media“, I’m saying “use social media responsibly“.

At the end of the day, do you really want your brand to be associated with these companies and their shady business practices? If so, why? Is it because everyone has a Facebook page for their business? Alpo can afford to have a Facebook page because they have an advertising budge with a lot of zeros in it. They aren’t making ends meet by posting pictures of happy dogs, they are out there on the streets slinging chow for pooches.

Let me give it to you straight: You don’t need a Facebook page to run your art business. Set up a real website, why don’t ya!

“Why don’t we just create our own blogs and share them with each other? Isn’t that really all Facebook is doing?”

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we just create our own blogs and share them with each other? Isn’t that really all Facebook is doing? — It serves photos and text to people who subscribe to each other.

I’m blogging right now and it feels so much better knowing that this post isn’t going to be attached to some sort of scuzzy plot to make money. [Check out my new Corel Painter Course – Pre Order Now!]


you got this lighted signage

Deleting Facebook is relatively easy. You can download a package of all of your artwork, photos and other content like comments, so you won’t lose any of those precious drunk posts.

Here’s how to deactivate Twitter. (Insert cartoon bird squawk)

And finally, the hardest one is going to be deleting Instagram. I recommend you rip it off quickly. It will hurt a lot at first, but the pain will subside.

  • Make sure to also delete these apps off of your phone so they can no longer track and sell everything you do online.


photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers

Now that you’re free of social media, you may begin to notice changes in your life:

  • Your body may begin to feel slightly different. Over the course of a few weeks, your brain may begin to regenerate and you may find that you feel better both mentally and physically.
  • Be prepared to fill your free time with something else. — Make art, learn a new language, take vibraphone lessons.
  • You’ll need to maintain relationships without all of those fancy Facebook features. Why not follow each other’s blog? Or there’s video chat, e-mail, texting, and hand-written letters.
  • At first, it may feel difficult to resist the urge to reactivate your accounts. Just hang in there!
  • If you’re still trying to add hashtags to things, that’s perfectly normal. That should clear up on its own, but if it does not, consult with your doctor.
Need more inspiration? Learn why I deleted my Facebook in 2019.

COREL PAINTER VIP – $10/Month Benefits

patreon vip painter tier

Here’s a list of the benefits you can access with your $10/month Membership.
Once you become a Member, you can use the links below to access the content.

COREL PAINTER VIP – $10/Month Benefits

corel painter 2021 workspace and brushes

Access My Corel Painter Workspace & Brushes
Get access to my Corel Painter workspace file with loads of preinstalled brushes, plus my Dropbox with links to all of the custom content found in my workspace.

My latest custom brushes are compatible with Corel Painter 2021, but many of my older brushes are also compatible with older versions. (Not compatible with “Painter Essentials“.)

You can also purchase my workspace without becoming a Member.

▶️ Preview the Brushes in my Dropbox

example of early release of a digital art tutorial

Early Releases & Bonus Content
Get instant access to my Patreon feed where I post early releases of new videos and some bonus content!

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Deep Discounts
Save up to 50% off select training courses and products with special coupons for members-only.

You’ll also get $10 off new Brush Packs I release every 3 months.

join my discord for digital artists

Access to my Patrons-Only Discord Channels
Chat with your fellow artists using text, voice and video on private channels. Share images of your artwork, get help from fellow artists, receive feedback on art and more. (All channels unlocked). Plus your role will be elevated and highlighted on the public channels.

happy ethnic woman sitting at table with laptop

Connect with Other Digital Artists
Comment on art and share your work in a private community  of artists from around the world. We welcome artists of all backgrounds  and skill-levels. Our community is a positive place to share and  receive kind and constructive feedback.

download my products for digital art

Real Art Templates
Ditch the blank white canvas and download my Real Art Templates that you can use as a starting point for your next painting.

The templates simulate a variety of natural media such as pencil, watercolor and thick paint. Each file is a universal PSD format document sized to standard print and frame sizes.

The templates are pre-configured with texture overlay layers and canvas toning to make it feel more like you are working traditionally.

example of a reference photo you can download

Royalty-Free Reference Images
Access a Library of Reference Images you can use in your art.