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Due to the large volume of questions I receive daily, I do not answer questions via email. If you have a question and need an answer, please read the FAQ below or search my YouTube channel. Chances are, I've already answered your question.


I do take questions from Patrons who support my work. Get an answer by joining my PatreArtist community at


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For all other inquiries, contact me via email at






I enjoyed your video. How do I leave a comment?

Because YouTube is a haven for trolls and abuse, I've decided to disable comments on some of my videos. If you liked one of my videos, but are unable to leave a comment, you can show your appreciation by doing the following:



What tablet should I buy? / Is this a good tablet?

I have several videos reviewing and comparing tablets on my YouTube channel. I also have a list of recommended tablets here.


How much is this tablet? / Recommend a tablet that is in this price range...

Look on Amazon or do a google search. You should be able to research prices yourself.


I have a question about one of your courses...

Please ask your course-related question in the course forum. There is a link in the course resource files under "Instructions".


I have a question about your Corel Painter 2017 workspace...

Watch the help videos on this page first and if you still have question, contact me via email. I no longer support Painter 2016, 2015, X3 and 12 workspaces.


I have a question about Corel Painter...

Please search my YouTube channel or take my Corel Painter training course. If your question is tech support related, contact Corel for assistance.


My Wacom tablet isn't working. HELP!

Contact Wacom or your tablet manufacturer for tech support.

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